Current projects

What are the essential components of parenting interventions for reducing child maltreatment and child behavioural problems? (UBS Optimus Foundation funded; co-investigator; PI Frances Gardner)

Parenting interventions comprise a multifaceted package of parenting knowledge, principles and skills. Identifying the components that drive intervention effects is vital for developing interventions that are more effective and better scalable.
Findings are published in Child Development, Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, PLOS ONE, and Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review.

How far could widespread dissemination of parenting programs improve child antisocial behavior and reduce social inequalities? (NIHR funded; PI Frances Gardner)

We examine to what extent the Incredible Years parenting program improves family well-being and reduces social inequalities in mental health problems, using individual participant data (IPD) meta-analysis of 1799 families from 14 trials in 7 countries.
Findings are published in Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Current Opinion in Psychology, and Child Development

What happens after parenting interventions end? (RICDE UvA funded, in collaboration with Geertjan Overbeek and PhD student Jolien van Aar)

We study why some parents are more likely that others to maintain longer-term benefits of parenting interventions on reduced disruptive child behavior.
Findings are published in Clinical Psychology Review.

Parenting in times of war (NWO/RICDE UvA funded, in collaboration with Geertjan Overbeek and PhD student Hend Eltanamly)

We seek to increase insight into the challenges and strengths experienced by Syrian refugee parents in the Netherlands.

Former projects

Parental sensitivity to disruptive child behavior (in collaboration with Daniel Shaw, Geertjan Overbeek and MA student Susanne Schulz)

We aim to understand why some parents are more likely than other parents to engage in coercive parent-child interactions.
Findings will appear soon in Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology.

Using microtrials to better understand the effects of parenting on child compliance (PI)

We used focused experimental field studies (i.e., microtrials) to identify discrete parenting intervention components that are less or more essential for reducing disruptive child behavior.
This work was supported with a grant from the Fulbright Organisation.
Findings are published in Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, Behaviour Research and Therapy and PLOS ONE.

How transportable are parenting interventions across countries? (Swedish Board of Health and Welfare funded; PI Frances Gardner)

We examined to what extent parenting interventions maintain their effectiveness when they are implemented in countries and cultures other than their own.
Findings are published in Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Which client, therapist, and client therapist alliance factors influence the effectiveness of the Incredible Years parenting program to reduce disruptive child behavior? (ZonMw funded; co-PI with Bram Orobio de Castro, Maartje Raaijmakers, and Els van den Ban)

We synthesized individual family level data across all four trials on Incredible Years in the Netherlands to identify the client and therapist characteristics that impact parenting program effectiveness.
Findings are published in Prevention Science and Kind en Adolescent (Dutch).

Effectiveness of the Incredible Years parenting program for high risk families (ZonMw funded; PI Bram Orobio de Castro)

We studied whether families with low socioeconomic status and migrant backgrounds benefit from the Incredible Years parenting program to reduce disruptive child behavior.
This project was awarded with a ZonMw 'pearl' for excellent research with impact.
Findings are published in Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent PsychologyAmerican Journal of Orthopsychiatry, and Systeemtherapie (Dutch).

Parents and Children Talking Together (PI)

Among the first randomized efficacy trials on a communication focused parenting intervention for parents of (pre)adolescents.
Findings are published in Journal of Adolescence and Kind and Adolescent (Dutch).
This intervention is now included in the Dutch database of effective youth interventions